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About Us

Noosa Active

Welcome to Noosa Active, the heart and soul of our journey, brought to life by us, Darren and Lani. Nestled in the picturesque locale of Noosa, Queensland, our brand embodies the essence of this magical place that has been our family's retreat for years. Noosa, with its pristine beaches, vibrant surfing spots, and tranquil national parks, holds a special place in our hearts. Our little family has been visiting Noosa for 15 years, Lani grew up on the Sunshine Coast and Darren remembers hitting the waves at Noosa to catch the tale of a cyclone 30 years ago as well as trooping through the national park from Sunshine to hit A-Bay’s waves with school mates on endless summers.

Our mission with Noosa Active was to design a brand that takes you back to Noosa. We all know what it’s like to leave Noosa or any other of Australia’s beautiful beaches. Back to reality, back to work and school, back to routine, the slide into winter. This was us every Christmas after spending a wonderful week or two with our friends at the beach.

We had a thought, what do you wear just about every day? What if what you wear could take you back to that place, that feeling and those memories. Well, that’s what Noosa Active means to us and is what we want it to evoke for you. We had the fortune of being able to up sticks and move to the Noosa hinterland from Brisbane in 2021. We an opportunity to run to paradise as work from home became a reality and that we could now realise our vision for a label that takes you back.

To bring our vision to life, we assembled an amazing team of passionate individuals—from fashion designers to marketeers - each bringing their unique expertise to craft a collection that reflects the beauty, colours, and spirit of Noosa and Australia. Our designs are inspired by Noosa's picturesque scenery, aimed at evoking memories of serene beach walks, exhilarating surf sessions, and the tranquil beauty of nature.

At Noosa Active, we invite you to explore our collections and immerse yourself in the Noosa experience, wherever you may be. Through our activewear, we hope to take you back to your special place.